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17. All Vincent Bach Cornet Mouthpieces are for sale here on our Online Music Shop or within our Retail Music Store based in Manchester. Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece: Cross-section of the Bach Mega Tone Mouthpiece. 700. Bach produces many different models so that each player can find the best mouth-piece for their individual embouchure. 62 Series 10 1/2. 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. . Manufacturer and online retailer of the Wedge mouthpiece for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, French horn, tenor horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba. 28. "C" 2. Bach, 11, 1 piece  5MM Modular Mouthpiece Cup size reference. But it becomes easier if you know what to look for. $60. Feels like it will stand the test of time and look good doing it too :) Oh yeah, also I've been wondering how a Bach Megatone mouthpiece might fit in these and plan to perhaps update this review if I do upgrade to Megatone. The following chart  Pickett Brass and Blackburn Trumpets : Mouthpiece Chart - Gift Certificates Accessories Mouthpieces CDs Blackburn Mouthpiece & Leadpipe Pouches Outlet  Bach, 15, 24. Visit your local dealer and try several genuine Bach mouthpiece models, all stamped with the Vincent Bach trademark. 6 Yamaha Mouthpieces Essential Mouthpiece Parameters Essential Mouthpiece Parameters Every player needs to find the size and style of mouthpiece which best suits both his or her physical and musical requirements. bach 3g 4, 4g 5, 5g, 6 6. Bach 10-1/2C. Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece be refinished or discarded. html ht Curry Precision Mouthpieces . 41 (17 used & new offers) FREE Shipping on eligible orders. He got it in the mid-1970's and on the side it says Conn 4 on the side. Musicians frequently referred to a Bach trumpet as a real ‘Stradivarius’, thus inspiring the name Bach Stradivarius. Inner Rim . It’s very forgiving to play, especially for players who are new to our equipment. Often, if you pair a mouthpiece that is too small with an instrument that  carefully selected Bach mouthpiece can large mouthpieces, such as the Bach 1B, guide. “Bach rules in the orchestral world” – I’d *love* to look at this a little more closely. 02 of an inch (0. From the original DARK ligature to the patented Next Generation models, Rovner ™ ligatures complete the synergetic circle of the mouthpiece and the reed. Apr 16, 2014 · 3) The Bach Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Shank. 50 / 0. Our goal is to summarize all of the different marketing of these mouthpieces. A mechanical genius and acclaimed trumpet soloist, his instruments and mouthpieces are used today in every major studio and orchestra in the world. com GR Mouthpiece Quick Comparison Chart . Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces. The business grew rapidly and in 1924, the first Bach trumpets were produced. 28 $ 72. That starts with the right mouthpiece. 12E, 24. 5" Conn Short Cornet blank, with correct taper and length for pre-1958 (serial # <700,000) Conn Cornets! V Raptor and Stomvi CCAPS now #1 size. The WARBURTON system facilitates the brass player's choosing of a mouthpiece with the optimum combination of rim diameter, cup style and depth, and backbore. Vincent Bach was a rare combination of artist and engineer. Large shank " Megatone" mouthpiece with a 24. Bach 5B. LIke a Schilke 14 with a bored out throat. The standard mouthpiece for Bach 42 series trombones. (If I play my old . If you have any questions regarding the models or measurements below, contact our mouthpiece expert, BJ! - Mouthpiece Questions for BJ - For a larger version of the diagram, please scroll to the bottom of this page. Drake Mouthpieces is your top source for Handcrafted Sax Mouthpieces. May 03, 2010 · I opened up my dad's old tried some of his old stuff. Not much really. Member of the Trumpet Geek Exchange Home > Products > ACCESSORIES > MOUTHPIECES The Jupiter Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece with Nickle-Plated Ligature and Plastic Cap. Everybody's got their own chart for mouthpiece cup diameter equivalents, and now you have mine. A carefully selected Bach mouthpiece can help improve a trombone player's embouchure, attack, tonguing and endurance. A feeling that Vincent Bach Flugelhorn Mouthpieces. BR-Purviance. Jan 23, 2019 · The Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece 3C is designed for a musician who has a bit of experience playing the trumpet. On numerous occasions I have had a beginner trumpeter, already having played for a few months, coming to me for lessons. This very short comparison chart is a guide line: none of my mouthpieces feel or The best starting point when you ask me what to buy is to refer to Bach sizes,  Developing and product sell the brass instruments like trumpet, mouthpieces and Symphonic backbore is adopted. 5a-al 7c,11,11c12c, tuba mouthpiece comparison chart these comparison charts represent a compilation and consensus of existing charts 66. Aug 09, 2013 · Larger mouthpiece get more sound and easier reach high register. Kanstul Mouthpiece Comparator - a great idea - shows accurate outlines for the insides of lots of mouthpieces and allows you to overlay and compare them . French Horn Mouthpiece Chart. COM). Tell us what you think - opens in new window or tab. Different brands may measure slightly differently. 8, medium-wide, deep, larger than 10. Trombone Mouthpiece Brand Comparison Chart (Mouthpiece Comparison Chart Courtesy IBOWTIE. It is perfect for creating classical music or jazz. well, it all changes. If I play on a horn with more resistance like a Bach 37 Ihave to use a more open mouthpiece. For best results, use it as a starting point for testing a number of  STORK-Vacchiano, 1. This is best done by choosing a mouthpiece rime size somewhere in the middle, like for example a Bach 3C. A larger tip opening will generally allow greater volume and flexibility -- such as the ability to bend pitches -- but requires more air and perhaps a softer reed. Consultations, shop visits, and lessons by appointment. NOW IN With Bach and Schilke at the top for comparison. This mouthpiece also works well with small-bore tenor trombones to get an authentic sound on French Impressionist type music. This is noticeable the very first time that one tries this mouthpiece. The Back features a silver plate design, with 16. Laskey. Some students will need to move to a larger mouthpiece by high school, such as a Bach 5G, but many will not. Ultimate Trumpet Mouthpiece Charts Have Moved to www. Play scales starting on third space “C”, going down to the “G” below low “C”, and back up. Last edited by Pat on Wed Feb 07, 2007 6:09 am; edited 1 time in total Make Offer - Vincent Bach 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece Silver Plated Pre Owned With Original Box. Black mouthpiece pouch with Bach logo in a flexible rubber material with zipper opening Vincent Bach Mouth-piece Pouch Nylon (1891) Black mouthpiece pouch with Bach logo, made from a strong nylon mate-rial with zip opening Vincent Bach Quadruple Mouthpiece Pouch- Ny-lon (1894) Black mouthpiece pouch with Bach Perhaps the most confusing of all mouthpiece conundrums is the problem of balancing the resistance between the player and his equipment set up. . My old mouthpiece is really dinged up and my band teacher says I need a new one, probably a Bach 3c. e. A carefully selected Bach mouthpiece can help improve a player's embouchure, attack, tonguing and endurance. Formerly a custom-order model now a standard due to popular demand. Bach 7C with smaller rim diameter. 4) Trumpet Shanked Flugelhorns The description of mouthpieces are often available on a manufacturer’s web site or see the comparison chart. *Delivered for any purchase of the tubas New Standard 186 (AF) and New Standard 187 (AF). Side Refine Panel. Dennis Wick. Trombone Mouthpieces Mouthpiece comparison charts (brass forums) Bach / Schilke comparison chart. I am thinking 1 1/4 C. Whether you are an aspiring student growing into a higher end piece or a long-time professional musician, Giardinelli instruments and accessories are a staple for musicians around the world, and will be for years to come. 5AL 6. We are always looking for more information on the Bach mouthpiece line through the years. The most standard middle-of-the-road mouthpiece is the Vincent Bach 7C and a lot of US made horns will ship with that or a copy of that. Our Standard Series trumpet mouthpieces are arranged in ascending order from This dual number is used to help identify industry popular Bach mouthpiece  One piece trumpet mouthpieces - $210 for silver plated brass, $100 for Delrin plastic Separate tops and backbores allow different combinations of backbore sizes, weights, and lengths for fine tuning your Similar in depth to Bach 3C cup. For those of you who haven’t discovered it yet, our Mouthpiece Advisor has been an invaluable tool for trumpet players switching over to the Bob Reeves’ mouthpiece line. Kelly Mouthpieces also makes a “Dent-Be-Gone Jan 29, 2019 · The Bach 53 mouthpiece is ideal for any cornet player who wants something that resembles the bright sound of a cornet. 89 16. When a Schilke Standard Series mouthpiece has a standard backbore, rim and cup, only the cup diameter (first number) is shown on the mouthpiece to designate the model number. D = Bach D cup JK-mouthpieces are characterized by the great volume of sound, clear tone, and responsiveness along with the precisely calculated cup guide and back bore  Figure 4 - Cross-section of Standard Bach Mouthpiece from the Bach Mouthpiece . There are some good trumpet mouthpiece comparison charts on the internet. Each time I'm asked which  We have, however, introduced the new 7 Series, which combines the cup diameter of Bach 5 mouthpieces with all the excellent qualities of the Griego- Alessi  Home » French Horn Mouthpiece Chart [500+ Mouthpieces Measured] . Oct 20, 2019 · The Bach 3511HC Trumpet Mouthpiece is the next on the list and one of the most popular in the world for both students and professionals. ) and see a chart comparing their specifications. The only one close was a very early Mück mouthpiece, #11 above, which was a very early prototype before the Cushion Rim design was used. LT series: Larger Tenor trombone rim sizes for tenor and alto trombone, and euphonium The LT series has a general "feel" about like a 5G . We provide constant pitch center, regardless of how loud or soft, or how low or high a musician plays. 27 17. By the way, I just took a look at the Mouthpiece Express comparison chart and at least in terms of the Reeves pieces compared to Bach and others, as bad as all the other charts are, the Mouthpiece Express Chart is a joke!!! They claim the Reeves 42 rim is bigger than a Bach 2C!!! Bach 5G Trombone Mouthpiece, Large Shank - gold rim & cup Large shank mouthpiece. Model Inside Rim Outside Rim Cup Depth Throat Backbore Price Bach 10 1/2 C . The sound is well-centered yet round and offers acceptable tonal modulation with large dynamic range. 276", 429, Good choice for bass trumpet. Wick Yamaha Warburton 18. com offers This stamping is not very common, and seems to only appear on certain sizes. trumpetjunkie. In this the comparison chart, look at the y-axis to check the cup depth. Any brass musical instrument will respond better and produce better tone when it is used with a mouthpiece that best fits the horn and the player. If you’re confused about how to go about picking out a mouthpiece, see my Choosing a Mouthpiece page! You can also find out about the different components of a mouthpiece here. $95. 965", M  A mouthpiece affects both how you play and how your instrument sounds in the parameters described below as a general guide when shopping around. No extra charge for a Mercury blank. 78; large barrel ; backbore gives rich organ-like tone. ). You can pick up 3C  19 Feb 2013 By far the most widely recommended trumpet mouthpiece which almost all of us started on is the Bach 7C. Bach Megatone 11C Trombone Mouthpiece, Small Shank. The rims are approximately 1/8" wider than the Bach W wide-rim mouthpieces. The new Griego-Alessi line was created to provide you with not only a great mouthpiece, but also a great mouthpiece series. (Mouthpiece Comparison Chart Courtesy IBOWTIE. The consistency of the mouthpiece series and the precise and distinct grading within the series allow the musician to achieve any desired style. Kelly. 1) Find your size on the chart below 2) Choose original C = Schilke A cup or Bach E cup. Above the Best Brass C cup, the shallower the mouthpiece is, and below the deeper the cup. 52 17. GRe62 Inside Diameter Bach 10 1/2, softer bite and flatter-wider rim Jun 06, 2016 · What to know about the vincent bach mouthpiece trumpet pla lotus mouthpiece parison chart trumpets mouthpiece chart pickett br and blackburn trumpets john parduba son double cup mouthpiece parison charts american way marketingUltimate Mouthpiece Parison Charts ExpressGr PageLotus Mouthpiece Parison Chart TrumpetsGr PageMouthpiece Chart Pickett Br And Blackburn TrumpetsMouthpiece Selection mouthpiece and instrument brushes, a trans-posing tuner/metronome, polishing cloths and mouthpiece adaptors. Our most popular cup for orchestral players. 02 16. JK-mouthpieces are characterized by the great volume of sound, clear tone, and responsiveness along with the precisely calculated cup guide and back bore guaranteeing the musician long-term satisfaction. If you are not currently playing on a Monette mouthpiece, the Resonance Classic is easier to just pick up and play than any mouthpiece we have ever made. 626" (15. Every brass mouthpiece consists of the rim, cup, throat, and backbore. You can make Unique Illustration Greg Black Mouthpiece Comparison Chart For your Desktop Background, Tablet, Android or iPhone and another Smartphone device for free. 5 2, 2C Hopefully by reading this discussion you now have enough information to make informed decisions about buying a Vincent Bach trumpet mouthpiece. Includes case and Vincent Bach Corp 12C mouthpiece. It has the darkness necessary for use in large ensembles while maintaining clarity for solo, quintet or high range playing. 'Alesis Yamaha +Mixer' will produce all mixers from Alesis and all mixers from Yamaha). by ashughart50wr » Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:54 pm 4 Replies 360 Views Is there a good small tuba mouthpiece for doubling? Mouthpiece: Cross-section of a standard Bach trumpet mouthpiece, based on the original design created by master trumpet artist-engineer Vincent Bach. Please call in advance to check   Vincent Bach Cornet Mouthpiece (silver plate) When selecting a mouthpiece, a brass instrumentalist should choose one with a solid, compact tone of large  27 Mar 2015 Both Schilke and Denis Wick have mouthpiece comparison charts: Bach is notorious for this with their mouthpieces. I assume larger cup than 1 1/2 C ? I am confused by description in Bach mouthpiece chart, large cup for 1 1/4 C but dimensions are same as 1 1/2 C. I am wondering if I can use my dad's Conn mouthpiece instead. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. M-AP4 (for piccolo trumpet) The same rim and cup as the M-B4 and offers a rich, full, sound with easy, clean articulation. The history of Bach starts with mouthpieces. There are many many more mouthpiece manufacturers in the world today and so you may also benefit from researching Schilke, Curry, Stork, GR or Marcinkiewicz, just to name a very few. Also look at the Schilke Loyalist website where the author has a Bach/Schilke comparison chart, but lists the measurements for the Curry's and Laskey's as well. We stock a wide range of Vincent Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces at very Low Prices, all available with Expert Advice. Though  trumpetjunkie. 9mm) LT 99 similar to Bach 9, Bach 6?C, Conn 3 (25. com/bach-3s-trumpet-mouthpiece. 9 Best Trombone Mouthpieces (Reviews) in 2019 . We offer 4 different rim diameters with a very comfortable, familiar feel, especially if you’re accustomed to playing Bach-type rims. This is a very versatile mouthpiece, much like the ‘L’ series mouthpiece, only with a medium deep cup. Comparisons are approximate and are to be use as a reference point only! GR 62 Inside Diameter like Bach 10 1/2 . Brasswind. 341 Trombone We are always looking for more information on the Bach trombone mouthpiece line through the years. A larger number can mean a larger or smaller mouthpiece depending on  Ellis Music stocks a variety of popular mouthpiece brands, including Selmer, Bach, Yamaha, Vandoren, Otto Link, and Meyer. 15mm) LT 100 similar to Bach 6?AL, Schilke 50, Wick 6BL (25. 76 16. It has been used on Bach flugelhorns since they were first produced. Curry. Jul 29, 2013 · This same clustering is reflected in Wedge sizing of Bach Standard Brand Wedge sizes, although there is a slight decrease in diameter as you progress from the 3 to the 7 series rims in the Wedge line. 3 millimeters wide, allows for an open sound that sounds perfect with this type of music. Available for purchase here: https://erniewilliamson. Experiment with other mouthpieces in that range. Through research, prototyping, and testing with top players, we have developed a line of mouthpieces that are great performers and offer many options. To quote “the tone the attack, that sort of thing” . 00 Since 1985, we have been designing mouthpieces to do what no other mouthpiece has ever done. Woodwind Mouthpiece Specifications. At least once a day I get a call from a player complaining about a feeling of tightness in the mouthpiece. com - Dating Bach Mouthpieces - Trumpetjunkie. 67 Series 1-1 1/2 . They are famous for their wonderful sound and brilliant designs, and are produced to the highest technical specifications. A Bach mouthpiece will make a   Buy Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL: Trombone - Amazon. If your search produces too many results, use the "AND" function to focus your search by putting a plus-symbol in front of one of the terms (e. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience. Open quick view dialog for Bach Mega Tone Trumpet Mouthpiece. Jan 14, 2017 · Quick demo of the Bach 3S and 3MV commercial trumpet mouthpieces. Our catalog has tried and true industry favorites, modernized versions of vintage legends, original models designed in house, and artist-endorsed mouthpieces available exclusively through Legends Brass. The mouthpiece comes with a medium cup and also gives the best sound that is desired by most trumpeters. 40 / 0. The Bach 7c is not a bad mouthpiece by any means, however most of the time, I have seen my students have better results with the Bach 3c. Oval rim and cup that are longer top to bottom than side to side. Tip Opening (woodwind mouthpieces) - The distance between the tip of the mouthpiece and the tip of the reed. 625") or more into the tuning bit is usually sufficient. "Choosing the perfect mouthpiece is often more difficult than choosing the perfect instrument. Rims - All the Rudy Mück trumpet mouthpieces have a wider rim than most Bach mouthpieces -- no surprise here. Try different rim sizes and do the same. ” It is also a taper, but at a smaller size  The Bach 7C Trumpet Mouthpiece is known for Its brilliant tone, its perfect grip to the lips, and is the most widely used model in the world. RIM WIDTH CUP DIAMETER CUP DEPTH RIM THROAT BACKBORE SHANK A mouthpiece consists of the rim, cup, throat, and Mouthpieces Selecting a Mouthpiece. Finally, choosing the best trumpet mouthpiece for beginners is a tough job. Mouthpieces for Vintage Instruments Our vintage mouthpiece page is a great resource for any musician or collector looking for that perfect mouthpiece. $72. Tons of Trumpet Mouthpiece Information. Bach We are always looking for more information on the Bach trombone mouthpiece line through the years. I find myself using this mouthpiece more and more to recreate the sound of older authentic alto resonances. If you require a custom throat size this can be ordered if you prefer. Bach, 10S, 1 piece, N/A, 16. expletives and excitedly ask you which mouthpiece it is! M (Roughly equivalent to a Bach D cup) This cup actually has two different purposes; sort of a split personality. Starting with a Bach 7C, 5C or 5B, which mouthpiece is easiest to buzz? If it buzzes easily, you are a least in the ballpark as far as cup size, diameter and rim contour and size. Trumpet mouthpieces are available in two weights; Regular and Heavy. We describe all the qualities, dimensions, sizes, etc. We also offer our original large bore tenor mouthpieces. Vernon Bach, N. Order this mouthpiece 'Standard 7c' Trumpet Mouthpiece This is the mouthpiece that came with your trumpet. Legends Brass Mouthpiece Comparison Chart. 12, 24. Flip Oakes Model “O” Bb trumpet mouthpiece, medium cup for all around playing, #26 bore, with a large backbore. For one, it can be a lead mouthpiece for players who “can’t play lead mouthpieces”. -B a Bach shank, and 3FL. 650) and larger The first Denis Wick mouthpieces were made in 1968, and range has grown so much, that it is now one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world. Visit our website to view our Alto, Soprano, Baritone, and Tenor Mouthpiece. Jupiter trumpets take Selecting a Brass Mouthpiece. If you are looking to replace your first mouthpiece with a newer, non dented, non tarnished or scratched version :) this is the one you want. Each mouthpiece company uses a different labeling system. 25G 1. Rotary trumpet matches as well. Mt. Specifications have been collected from Monette, Kanstul, Warburton, and other major lines, making it possible to compare apples to apples across brands. Warburton Music Products. 64 Series 7. It is a good, medium-deep size mouthpiece that will continue to be the right size for many students as they get older. Each size mouthpiece has a specific blank that is designed for that size, to help maintain proper visual proportions but also retain a balanced weight and sound. 961", S, Medium-Wide . Sep 11, 2011 · The resistance between the players embouchure and his trumpet. Bach is committed to ensuring that trumpeters have all that is needed to produce quality and bright sound. For rough approximation only. 51 Bach 1 1C,1. Show only Bach items. GR Mouthpieces Bach . The two acoustic slits, which emphasize the original design, enable to have a long carry sound and flexibility in both ways. These models work exceptionally well in orchestral and wind B rass Mouthpieces TRUMPET mouthpiece comparison chart Cup Diamiter (mm) Bach Schilke D. Oct 17, 2013 · Take a Bach mouthpiece and put it on something other than a Bach trumpet and you get a completely different result. From the grandest symphonic sounds of the largest types to the shallowest and most brilliant jazz mouthpieces, and for C, D and piccolo Al Cass 1-24 to 1-28 Curry 8. 2. 5 10. Rim. — Dirk Any brass musical instrument will respond better and produce better tone when it is used with a mouthpiece that best fits the horn and the player. Schilke 7B4. Get the guaranteed lowest prices on Bach Flugelhorn Mouthpieces instruments at Musician's Friend. Standard Vincent Bach mouthpieces match the playing qualities of the backbore with the design of the other components. Bach personally designed the tools and composed the plans that continue to set the high standards for making all Bach products today. The rim is the round edge of the mouthpiece that you place your lips against to play your horn, and it is one of the most crucial parts to consider. Different brands use different sizing systems to describe the cup size and depth (and occasionally other parts of the mouthpiece such as rim width and shape, throat size etc. The measurements are done for comparison purposes of relative sizes. Note the size of the mouthpiece currently used and consult the Approximate Comparison Charts below to find the Warburton mouthpiece diameter that is the closest to the diameter of the present mouthpiece. 341 Trombone Trumpet Mouthpiece Brand Comparison Chart Table Nº1 Size in mm. It produces a big, open, full-spectrum sound, and can be used for all types of playing. For those euphonium students needing a larger mouthpiece, the Bach 5G is a good choice. Let’s start by helping you identify the closest rim equivalent to your current mouthpiece. Please leave a review here. Feb 21, 2019 · This is a mouthpiece with a medium depth cup, but, even so, it is slightly larger than most medium depth cups. This is a good place to start unless there is difficulty with the diameter size of the present mouthpiece (i. -Y would indicate a 3FL. If you have any updated information, please contact us through the link in the header. This model is a good choice for those playing a 5G (or equivalent) on their large bore tenors who wish to maintain the same rim feel when switching to their smallbore, alto trombone or even small shank euphonium. The extreme low range consists of the pedal tones, available one octave below the root on each position. 5c 11c yamaha 8c418c4 17c4 16c4 14c4 14a4a 13b4 13c4 11 9c4 13a 4a 7b4 6a4a, 5a4 trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart BACH Trombone Mouthpiece (3505G) by Bach. Each model gives the player subtly different tone colours and individual characteristics. com CLICK HERE Don’t know the specs of your current mouthpiece? Start here. His wisdom and insight have influenced several generations of performers, educators and students while setting the standard for other manufacturers. We have hundreds of mouthpiece makes and models in our database, from the complete Vincent Bach mouthpiece line, to Schilke, Monette, and GR mouthpieces. So, if you are looking something that is in this range of size, then you are in luck, as this Bach trombone mouthpiece is not large, but not medium either, being a bit more generous. Schilke. Start by finding a rim size that works well for you. and most other American flugelhorns except Bach. Attributes such as cup depth, rim shape, bite, and backbore also make a big difference in how a mouthpiece plays and feels. A former employee of Bach once told me that when mouthpiece sales were down, he would then "as a keepsake of their visit to the Bach factory" give people the tool we commonly refer to as a hand reamer, or jeweler's reamer (five, four, or three sided English pin broach). Because of Bach's longevity in the marketplace, their early domination of the market, and the proclivity of other makers to copy what appears to be a labeling system, Bach mouthpiece sizes, even if you haven't played a Bach mouthpiece in years, are those to which we compare all others. The mouthpiece is a simple circular opening that leads, via a semi-spherical or conical cavity, to the main body of the instrument. For your first question: the Bach 3C is a "mid-sized" (but if you look at the range of sizes Bach makes it really is somewhat large) mouthpiece that players have successfully used for both classical and commercial playing and is thus considered to be a versatile piece suited for all around use. Bach, 1C, 1-1/4C, 1-1/2C, 2-1/2C, 3C, 7C, 9C, 10-1/2C, 11C, 11 3/4C. Compares to Bach 4 / Hammond 11 rim. The rim  9 Aug 2013 In general, look for mid-range size diameters (3 to 7 in Bach sizes) . It’s got a ‘real’ cup and is obviously not a lead piece, but The Wedge mouthpiece has unique features unlike any other mouthpiece. 472 bore NYC Callet I can use a Schilke 14A4a, or a Jet-tone (Roman) mouthpiece. -F a French shank. Mouthpiece Specification Chart (all brasses) - by Mouthpiece Express Select up to four (short list of standard mouthpiece makers - but no Holton, no Moosewood, etc. Mouthpieces vary to suit the tone of the instrument. 965", S, Medium-Wide . These are made for Miraphone in Germany by noted mouthpiece maker Josef Klier. Mar 21, 2018 · Quick review and shoot out between a Bach Megatone 5C mouthpiece and the stock CarolBrass mouthpiece that came with my pocket trumpet (Model CPT-3000-GLS-SG). Try a Bach 3C. It is a deeper mouthpiece that Griego Mouthpieces has teamed up with Joseph Alessi to offer a new line of large bore tenor mouthpieces. Designed with price and performance in mind, the variety of Rovner ™ handmade all-American products are an extraordinary value. We keep a large inventory of trumpet mouthpieces in stock, ready for immediate worldwide shipment. COM) NOW IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER! With Bach and Schilke at the top for The Schilke Mouthpiece Labeling System. Compare To Model (green) Mouthpiece Chart Pickett Brass trumpet mouthpieces are a result of players wanting a better mouthpiece. If you already play a Classic STC-1 mouthpiece, the Resonance Classic is an immediate improvement. Small stem only. 78 17. NOTE: Regarding this trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart, each trumpet mouthpiece manufacturer measures their trumpet mouthpieces differently (in differing places on the mouthpiece); therefore, exact comparisons via this trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart or any mouthpiece comparison chart are impossible. 00 1 17. Each inner rim size has a corresponding sized Flugelhorn mouthpiece. More Buying Choices. The list below consists of tuba (or sousaphone) mouthpiece specifications provided by manufacturer's literature. New York 22 mouthpiece. 00 17. The relatively heavy design achieves our sound image of Trumpets. While everything here is provided for free, this page does take time and resources to maintain. Overview; Standard / GP Series; Signature Series; Comparison Chart; Downloads Rim Inner Diameter Small Large Shop and save on the Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Regular at Woodwind & Brasswind. Bach Corp. Soon after, Vincent Bach’s mouthpieces, and later his trumpets, set the standard for excellence. Apr 10, 2012 · Bach 36. 5 mm). Bach mouthpieces are designed to meet every conceivable playing need and have been for nearly three quarters of a century. Note: Curry flugel mouthpieces are correspondingly marked -Y, -B, and -F to indicate the shank size after the cup and rim marking. The diameter of the mouthpiece, which is 16. 4 mm) On brass instruments the mouthpiece is the part of the instrument placed on the player's lips. It is by measurement very close in size to both the 5C and the 3C (Bach's mouthpiece manual shows the difference in inner diameter between the 7C and 3C to be 0. See our trombone mouthpiece chart! • Each Standard line comes with a custom throat mated for optimal performance with each cup, rim and backbore. 525′′ bore, 8′′ bell (semi large trombone, still using small bore mouthpiece) The range on a small bore trombone starts on the low E, going up as high as the chops allows. mouthpieceexpress. Today, by all standards, the Parduba Mouthpiece is still one of the best and most popular. It is a fine mouthpiece of moderate size suitable to any tube. Serial# A54162. along with pictures to give you all the information you need short of playing the mouthpiece itself. Works well on all rim sizes, but most popular with rims 65 (. Phone (619) 401-2828. Bach, Martin Committee etc. A Bach mouthpiece will make a poor instrument play well, a good instrument play better. The padding is nice and makes me feel like my mouthpiece is protected in the main compartment. g. Bach Standard Trombone Mouthpiece For over a generation the standard Schilke trombone mouthpiece models have been accepted as the top Griego mouthpieces work Mouthpieces are crucial in determining the sound, response and intonation of a brass instrument. Table 1 (Schilke 24 to Bach 2C)  11 Sep 2011 If I play on a horn with more resistance like a Bach 37 Ihave to use a more open mouthpiece. Through this article, we have discussed the primary functions of a mouthpiece and some of the trumpet mouthpiece guide available in the market these days. 00 Bach trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn mouthpieces have been numbered in an orderly progression from the largest to the smallest diameters and from the deepest to the most shallow cup, each with a choice of rim designs. Denying a being account because of what they are, on a adequate ground—like race, religion, or animal identity— is audible from abnegation to do business with addition because of a political assessment or position. Let’s take a look at each of these components and how they affect the overall tone and playability of an instrument. ) Vincent Bach sizing is the cup diameter (the lower the number, the larger the cup diameter) followed by the cup depth (A being the deepest, F being the shallowest). Your success as a musician depends on the choice of equipment that will do justice to your capabilities. Bach Laskey Wick Stork Greg Black Griego (NY, Deco, Neuveau) Schilke Yamaha Signature Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece Comparison Chart (proportional spacing) Cup diameters Your 1st stop for Saxophone Resources-The Oldest and #1 Rated Online Resource for Saxophone Professionals and Enthusiasts including historical information, tips and tricks, and more. 64 16. I got the horn from Horntrader. The Bach 12C is a popular student Unique Illustration Greg Black Mouthpiece Comparison Chart is high definition wallpaper and size this wallpaper is 404x383. Bach personally designed the tools and composed the plans that continue to set the high standards for Bach Selmer TB300 Trombone Black Case& Vincent Bach 12C mouthpiece Description Offering a used student believed to be a TB300 Bach Selmer trombone. The 7C is the most common "starter" mouthpiece, but there are some misconceptions surrounding it. DOUBLE-CUP MOUTHPIECES The unusual patented design of the Parduba "Double-Cup" mouthpiece enables a great ease of playing in the high register. Volume and excellent intonation, ease of response in the high and low register, rich, uniform timbre throughout the range, and resistance calculated to increase the player's endurance - these characteristics explain why the best professional artists choose Bach. Bach Trombone Mouthpieces – Model Catalog Catalog No. Most of the time the difference in columns can be 0. The third flugelhorn mouthpiece shank that is commonly used is the “Bach Shank” or “Small Morse Taper. Backbore descriptions. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Bach 3513e Silver Plated 3e Cup Trumpet Mouthpiece Shallow at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! * Bach fluegelhorn mouthpieces are regularly stocked in those model numbers marked with an asterisk in the chart (all other standard Bach trumpet rim sizes are available on special order). However, the most A carefully selected Bach mouthpiece can help improve a player’s embouchure, attack, tonguing and endurance. Since different mouthpieces can emphasize different embouchure muscles, it is difficult to pinpoint the ideal mouthpiece at a single The Bach 6 ½ AL is one of the best trombone mouthpiece sizes for students. Bob Reeves. Trumpet Mouthpiece Comparison Chart by Russell Dixon. The throat's diameter is measured in machinists' wire gauge sizes. The following chart lists standard  A century ago, trumpet player Vincent Bach began experimenting with designs and manufacturing processes to replace a broken mouthpiece. French Horn Mouthpiece Repair Tool - fix bent 'ends' of dropped mouthpieces. Horn has some scratches and small dent in bell about 3" long, not deep as shown in the photo. We stock some of the more popular sizes of Bach trumpet, cornet, and flugel mouthpieces based on requests from local players. Numbers and letters are drill bit sizes. Our goal is to summarize all Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces – Quick Reference Diameter vs. 70mm diameter rim and medium-shallow cup. “Bass” Trombone Shank on Bach off, the mouthpiece should either of the instrument. Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Taper Information. M o r e > More > JWM-CLK1S Bb Clarinet Dec 25, 2009 · You'll need to go the the Bach website to see exactly how each model is constructed. Rims: LT 98 similar to Bach 7, Wick 10CS (24. com offers instruments for sale as well as trumpet related information. 5D “with rather fleshy lips;” Multiple Bach models Bach 1G 1. We'll order any other size Bach mouthpiece you would like, for delivery in 2-4 weeks. So often the Bach 7c comes as the standard mouthpiece along with our first trumpet. Contact Steve chart further trumpet mouthpiece size parison chart further schilke This Details about Schilke Trumpet Mouthpiece Chart has been published by Admin in section and labelled by Schilke Trumpet Mouthpiece Chart. Two different Cup Designs, a Shallow Cup or Modified V Cup, give the flexibility to get the right feel for you. Kelly Mouthpieces Lexan material provides more comfort than brass at a fraction of the cost. i. cup and rim with the Yamaha shank, 3FL. Comparison chart for rim diameters from K & G. 78 Bach. Oct 21, 2018 · the ultimate trumpet mouthpiece comparison chart – bach trumpet mouthpiece chart | bach trumpet mouthpiece chart. 2019 Prices unchanged! "B" Cornet Shank available for early 1900's Besson, Holton Cornets! "O" Oversized Cornet shanks for Vintage Olds Cornets. We stock a wide range of Vincent Bach Cornet Mouthpieces at very Low Prices, all available with Expert Advice. Excellent choice for an orchestral mouthpiece when a slightly darker sound is desired or for players with a naturally bright sound. Ultimate Trumpet Mouthpiece Chart. How to do it. 5c 10c 0. 11 8. Trombone Mouthpiece Brand Comparison Chart Here you are at our website. In 1918, with the investment of $300 for a foot-operated lathe, Vincent Bach went into the business of making mouthpieces. Alto (Tenor) Horn Mouthpieces. Y. Baritone Mouthpieces. 03 22. Professional musicians and advanced students prefer the musical results of large mouthpieces, such as the Bach 1B, 1C, 11 ⁄ 4C, 11 ⁄ 2B, 11 ⁄ 2C, 21 ⁄ 2C, 3C, which provide a maximum volume of tone with the least amount of effort. Find your current mouthpiece (or inside rim diameter) on this chart and see which Legends Brass models are similar. This is the most popular size for large bore trombones in general and is often copied by other makers. 276", 429. STORK- Studio Master, SM2, SM4, SM6, SM10. 25, 1. , 3FL. Blessing mouthpieces for brass instruments offer a great value. E. We have also taken into account quality, durability, and affordability. Dimensions and sizes for trumpet, french horn, and trombone mouthpieces. A century ago, trumpet player Vincent Bach began experimenting with designs and manufacturing processes to replace a broken mouthpiece. cornet mouthpiece from denis wick and vincent bach in varying depths and thickness of cup for all playing styles. Please note all other alterations done to the mouthpiece will make the piece a custom order thus removing the return option. 16 Apr 2014 The third flugelhorn mouthpiece shank that is commonly used is the “Bach Shank ” or “Small Morse Taper. Perfect for marching bands, drum and bugle corps, pep bands and Hot or Cold weather gigs. Rim that is wider at top and bottom than at the sides. Thanks. K. If you have a brand name mouthpiece take a look at where it sits on the chart. Trumpet Mouthpiece Brand Comparison Chart (Mouthpiece Comparison Chart Courtesy IBOWTIE. bach 11c, 1, 5c 2c 3c 5c 7c 8. ) There was a question about mouthpiece depth Pickett Brass and Blackburn Trumpets : Mouthpiece App - Gift Certificates Accessories Mouthpieces CDs Blackburn Mouthpiece & Leadpipe Pouches Outlet shop, trumpet, mouthpieces, music, brass Jul 13, 2017 · The Definitive Guide to Flugel Horn Mouthpieces- Part 1. too large? or too small?). All Vincent Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces are for sale here on our Online Music Shop or within our Retail Music Store based in Manchester. Some would even argue that Bach is the ultimate in the mouthpiece business. I will come back to what this means for mouthpiece sizing, but first a few words about Bach cups. The Mercury blank is available on any mouthpiece that we offer, and only available on the small shank 11C and Clarke mouthpieces. ” It is also a taper, but at a smaller size than the Standard Shank flugelhorn mouthpiece. 50 18c3d One Piece Trumpet Mouthpiece, M Series M-AP2 (for piccolo trumpet) The same rim as the M-B2 and a great all around piccolo mouthpiece, with a full sound and an easy upper register. 52 1. The new Bach Commercial Mouthpiece is designed for everyone from the aspiring lead trumpet player, to the seasoned veteran who is looking for something to new. Rim that slopes away from the embouchure at the sides, reducing contact and pressure there. Bach trumpet mouthpieces have been designed in an orderly progression from the largest to the smalle Monette Tradition PLUS Trumpet Mouthpiece Silver Plate $205. 0. This is also a fine mouthpiece for 2nd part player in a jazz/rock group. Schilke had a profound influence on the development of brass mouthpiece design and pedagogy in the 20th century. " Rim Inner Diameter Small Large ; Cup Volume & Shape Shallow Deep 7A4 : 11A4 : 14A4a: DUTOT-L : 6B4 : 11B4: 13B4: 14B4 : 9C4: 11C4 : 15C4: 16C4: 17C4 Doug Elliott 3-piece mouthpieces have interchangeable rims, cups, and shanks for trombone, euphonium, and tuba. For those who are in the marching band, this mouthpiece may just be the answer you seek. For all your questions or for some expert advise. COM ) Table 1 (Schilke 60 to Bach 3G) Comparison Chart; Trumpet Mouthpieces. Blessing. The diagram to the right illustrates all the measurements found in the chart below. 90 mm) C (Medium) #27 #10 Saxophone Facing Comparisons. Smaller mouthpiece was struggle with high notes. Bach 5G Trombone Mouthpiece, Small Shank - gold Small shank mouthpiece. It is critical to have a mouthpiece that produces a consistent tone at all dynamic level and in all registers. Made in Germany and CNC -machined out of the highest quality yellow brass, our mouthpieces are manufactured according to the strictest quality guidelines. Soon after  Soon after, Vincent Bach's mouthpieces, and later his trumpets, set the standard volume, tone; sharpens high register (largest sizes also sharpen low register). 25 8. 66 Series 3. 5 Endsley #1, #2 GR Mouthpieces 64 63 62 GR Haefner 7H Giardinelli 10 Hammond 7 Jaz-Tec D E, G F Jet Tone 10 Old Jet Tones 3C AH 5C 7C If the silver-after years of use, the mouthpiece will fit Bach Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece plating of your mouthpiece has worn up to 1⁄16" further into the receiver tube 5. The Schilke 14A4a has a very shallow cup and tight Located in Waldkraiburg, Germany, Miraphone builds fine tubas and other brass instruments, and also offers a complete line of tuba mouthpieces. The list below consists of trombone mouthpiece specifications provided by manufacturer's literature. Bach 7E. The smaller the   Mouthpiece Express : Ultimate Mouthpiece Comparison Charts - Mutes,Music Stands Off: Bach Schilke Duo,Instrument Stands ,TAMA Marching French Horns, 26 Jul 2015 Standard Vincent Bach mouthpieces match the playing qualities of the backbore with the design of the other components. Dimensional Characteristics of Brass Mouthpieces by Renold O. All models are available as a cornet or piccolo mouthpiece. 65 Series 7/6/ 5. There are quite a few mouthpiece comparison charts out there, but most are not very user-friendly so I created this one based on some of the most popular tenor mouthpieces used by saxophone players today. 1mm!), but the rim shape can make it feel smaller than the 5C or 3C. Product photos: Bach Cornet Mouthpiece in Silver $ 56. Some of the favorites include: “pyrotechnics in dance orchestras;” Bach 10. Renold O. In order to make it easier for you to find a good trombone mouthpiece, we have gone through the products that have garnered the best trombone mouthpiece reviews. 30mm cup Mouthpiece engagement of at least 5/8" (. 00 BEM3L-2 Mouthpiece for tuba Sib BE186: Deep cup/large fitting 31. Parke Mouthpiece Center - 410 S Michigan Ave # 541, Chicago, Illinois 60605 - Rated 5 based on 8 Reviews "I have played on more tuba mouthpieces than I Giardinelli instruments, reeds, mouthpieces, and accessories are the stuff legends are made of. 75C 7, 7C, 8, 11C TROMBONE MOUTHPIECE COMPARISON CHART Cup diameters are for comparison purposes only Shop and save on our amazing selection of Bach Trumpet Mouthpieces at The Woodwind & Brasswind. TRUMPET MOUTHPIECE COMPARISON CHART. Other great info on that site as well. Slide is free. 3. 5G 2G 3, 3G 4, 4G 4C 5, 5G, 5GS 6. bach mouthpiece chart

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